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Monday, March 26, 2007


All good things must end (in polynomially-bounded time, naturally). Today, sadly, brings the announced retirement of one of my favorite blogs, Computational Complexity by Lance Fortnow.

Lance's blog didn't introduce me to the field (that honor goes to my high school graduation present, Papadimitriou's textbook), but it did much to orient me to current research, conceptual trends in complexity, and the culture and institutions behind the theory. Having gone to a small liberal arts college without much in the way of CS theory, this was invaluable.

Lance's four decades of Favorite Theorems in complexity are a great read, and his early posts build complexity literacy with a Complexity Classes of the Week feature. Along the way, of course, we got Lance's perspective on life, love (in a profession rife with geographic insecurity and perceived nerdiness), and truly appalling food.

Thanks Lance! Your posts will be missed.

Update: The blog is back, with frequent guest-poster Bill Gasarch taking over for Lance. Cool!



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